Classes offered

In my General English classes for children, teenagers, and adults, I utilise course books from esteemed British publishers including Pearson, Cambridge University Press, and Oxford University Press. These comprehensive classes provide a gradual immersion in the English language and include thorough practice aligned with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Available for all levels, from pre-A1 to C2, these classes offer a comprehensive approach to language learning.

Preparation for  international exams (Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEFL) entails studying the examination format and engaging in extensive practice using Past Papers. However, the initial step involves evaluating a candidate’s proficiency level to determine the appropriate preparation strategy. This assessment also guides the development of the most effective approach for enhancing the candidate’s overall English proficiency, tailored to meet the specific exam deadline.

Preparation for the state English exams in Russia (Year 9 and Year 11) is available both as part of a comprehensive English course and as a focused short-term option designed to familiarise students with exam formats and provide thorough practice on various types of tasks. Students who have attained a genuine language proficiency level of at least B1 for the Year 9 exam and B2 for the Year 11 exam typically encounter minimal difficulties during the respective exams and often achieve top scores. In such cases, a brief training specific to the exam format suffices. However, if the proficiency level is inadequate for successful exam performance, in addition to practising format-specific tasks, it is crucial to engage in enhancing the overall CEFR language proficiency level.